This section of BS/EH 106 Business Communication will be delivered remotely and asynchronously for summer 2020. Access to Course Connect, student email, and internet connection will be required. 

This course reviews techniques and principles in the selection, evaluation, and promotion of young adult literature; it also introduces students to strategies for teaching literature.

Students will read a range of literature from the genres of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and drama. A diversity of authors and time periods will be explored through the literature, arranged thematically or according to genre. Students will be introduced to those key craft elements of each genre so that they can become more insightful about literature. Ultimately, the primary goal for students is to understand and appreciate literature and perhaps, along the way fall in love with the work of a writer.

This course explores the craft of writing narratives in fiction and poetry while providing a forum for lively, informed discussion of student and published work.